Making meaningful personal change means building new habits.
ChangeMeNow gives you the tools to change yourself successfully.

What Is ChangeMeNow?

ChangeMeNow is a Habit Creation Platform, an application that lets you define habits you want to create (or eliminate), tracks your progress and uses machine learning to keep you on track and reinforce your progress

Whether you're trying to create a good habit or break a bad one, ChangeMeNow can help!


ChangeMeNow lets you keep track of your progress towards making real lasting change:

  • Metrics - Define any type of metric that you want to capture such as time spent, words written, number of reps, yes / no, etc.
  • Streaks - We automatically track when you start to build streaks of accomplishment
  • Badges - Our gamification automatically awards badges as you start to change
  • Graphs - A picture is worth a thousand words so we graph everything!


See your new habits develop regularly


Habits are at the heart of ChangeMeNow since the goal is to change by internalizing things into habits.

  • Define any type of habit you're looking to create.
  • Tell us what type of metrics you want to capture
  • For habits that are online like, Manage Email better, include a url with the habit
  • For complex habits, you can include directions to help yourself


Habits are powerful and include how you measure them along with things like url, frequency and more.


We know that lasting change is hard. We give you multiple ways to motivate yourself:

  • Regular metric capture showing your progress
  • Badges are regularly awarded as you hit your goals
  • Goals let you set targets and track progress against those targets
  • Streaks encourage you to keep at it
  • Habit Buddies, accountability partners working towards the same goal as yourself, each sharing progress


Motivation tools include badges you can earn regularly


Ever do a work out and think "Man! I should get a reward for this?" You know what -- WE DO TOO!

Our exclusive ChangeCoin digital currency allows you to set up a clear system of rewards tied to your successful changes and reward yourself from time to time. Every time you do a habit, you earn Change Coins into your wallet that you can apply to purchases whether a big goal like an Amazon purchase or a small goal like taking yourself to Starbucks.


Every day, right on your dashboard, see progress towards your rewards

I'm Scott and I Built This

Over the years I've been fascinated by change -- how powerful it can be, how hard it is to achieve and how to avoid slipping back once you change. It always seemed to me that the development of habits was key but how to force habit creation always seemed nebulous.

Now, thanks to easy data capture and powerful machine learning, I've finally been able to build the tool that I've always wanted. ChangeMeNow allows you to define the habit(s) you want and then capture data as you live to help you succeed.

Use ChangeMeNow to change what really matters -- YOU!


Whether you're trying to create a good habit or break a bad one, ChangeMeNow can help!