What is ChangeMeNow?

ChangeMeNow is a Habit Creation Platform, an application that lets you define habits you want to create (or eliminate), tracks your progress and uses machine learning to keep you on track and reinforce your progress.

Why Do You Call it ChangeMeNow?

Because if you really want to change, don't you want to do it RIGHT NOW?

What does ChangeMeNow cost?

Absolutely nothing -- ChangeMeNow is 100% free. There may be fees in the future but if we did that we would make all your data fully exportable to standard CSV files BEFORE any fee was ever charged!

Can I use this for my work habits instead of my personal habits?

Absolutely. My personal habits include both things like "Do 50 Situps Daily" as well as "Improve Work Skills"

How do you make money?

Right now ChangeMeNow is just plain free. I wanted this for my own needs. But if you find it useful and iff (that's if and only if) you **get a job** then consider sending some $$$ my way as a donation. Think of it like leaving tip in a restaurant or, well, putting some $$$ in that homeless guy's cup. I'm not proud.

If this is free, why are you doing it?

As noted above, this is something I absolutely, desperately needed for my own use. And when you build anything web based, if you're smart, hosting on the right company ([Heroku](https://www.digitalocean.com/)) is dirt cheap so why not open it up to other people? And I've always found that the best way for any engineer to improve his skills is to:

So this is free and what I get out of it is that I will become a better engineer. I saw this back in 2003 when I built the Feedster blog search engine (which was also free). Sure if I do this right and build an audience, maybe this is actually valuable but that's a long, long, long way away. Just leveraging this to improve my skills is a goal in and of itself.